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Biographical Information
Appearances Saw IV
Status Alive
Profession Police Officer (SWAT)
Relationships Daniel Rigg (Partner, Deceased)
Portrayed by Simon Reynolds

Officer Lamanna is a police officer who appeared in Saw IV, he was seen among the policemen in Kerry's death place. Lamanna tried to stop Rigg from going through an unsecured door. After finding Kerry's body, Rigg asked him to pull down the body but Lamanna refused.

Lamanna was seen again in Rigg's apartment, after the police recieved a call do to gunshots being heard in his apartment. Strahm asked him to get information of the people on the photos that were on the wall.

In Ivan's death place, he discovered that the room was rented to Art Blank for six days and that he disappeared two weeks ago. He also discovered one of Art's propietories, where Strahm and Perez find that they were Jigsaw's targets. He was then seen in Rex and Morgan's trap place.

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