Trevor was portrayed by Kevin Rushton

Kevin Rushton strikes an imposing figure on the small screen, and it's possible that viewers may have seen him and not immediately noticed him, as much of his work has been concentrated in the dangerous field of stuntwork.
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Kevin Rushton

Piercing blue eyes highlight his strong features, which are accentuated by a shaved head, something he did for his first acting job. This particular look landed Kevin many roles as the 'resident bad guy' and earned him the nickname of "Mr. Chicago" from Due South actor Paul Gross, for Kevin appeared in at least a third of this Mountie comedy-drama series. That succession of appearances was the result of an in-joke by former producers Paul Haggis and Jeff King.

A native Canadian, Kevin was always active as a child and participated in all varieties of sports, from hockey to football. As an adult, he dabbled briefly as a linebacker with the Toronto Argonauts, and played (lacrosse) with the Saracuse Stingers.

He started out pursuing his love of acting, but also was a certified paramedic, a career he juggled along with his acting/stunt work until it became apparent he could no longer do both. He retired from the ambulance corps, after 21 years of service, in 1996.

It was while he was working out in a Gold's Gym in Mississauga that his entertainment career was launched with an invite to appear in an industrial film for Canadian Tire. After that role, he continued to study and pursue acting, and he has compiled an enviable resume. Although he intends to continue acting, he has been quite busy performing stunts, which has been a love of his as long as he can recall. Viewers can see him in any number of Canadian productions, and a prime example of his stuntwork is the spectacular waterfall leap in "Burning Down the House," the third season opener of Due South.

As for future roles, he's looking for .... "Anything that has 'action action action.'"

Kevin's goal is to become a stunt coordinator. Meanwhile, fans can continue to watch his acting (and stuntwork) in film and television.

Kevin Rushton also acted in films such as Saw IV and is set to make a comeback in Saw 3D.

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