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Joseph Poltzer
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw II: Flesh & Blood
Also Known As N/A
Status Deceased
Died In Saw II: Flesh & Blood
Cause of Death Shot in the head by Michael Tapp
Age 40's
Profession Vice Cop
Role Main Antagonist (Saw II: Flesh & Blood) and Test Subject
Reason Tested Unknown
Relationships Henry Jacobs (co-conspirator,deceased), Michael Tapp (enemy and killer, alive/deceased)
Portrayed by Mark Carr

Joseph is the main antagonist of Saw II: Flesh & Blood. He was a corrupt vice cop who abused his position to steal drugs seized from criminals and sell them in a cartel, alongside Henry Jacobs, Carla Song, and Sarah Blalok. As a member of the group, he was kidnapped by Jigsaw and placed in a vice trap designed to crush all of his limbs and his skull unless Michael could save him. Michael's father had accidentally uncovered their drug cartel while investigating Jigsaw, so he teamed-up with the chief, Henry Jacobs to hunt and kill Michael, Carla, and Sarah to tie up any loose ends that could reveal their criminal actions. He later executes Sarah as she is about to reveal the true identity of Pighead II. He and Michael get embroiled in a fight which results in them breaking through a wall and plummeting into an alley below. They struggle over Joseph's gun, but Michael eventually triumphs and shoots Joseph killing him.

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