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Jennings Foster
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw: The Video Game, Flesh & Blood
Also Known As Jennings
Status Alive
Age 30s
Profession Head of Crime Scene Investigation
Role Test Subject
Reason Tested Framed someone for Hit & Run Case he Caused
Relationships David Tapp (Fellow Detective, Deceased), Mark Hoffman (Fellow Detective, Deceased)
Portrayed by Troy Lund
While intoxicated, you hit and killed a homeless man with your car. As a forensic scientist, you knew just what to clean, but you couldn't clean the guilt from your soul, could you? You even put an innocent man in jail for your crime, all to preserve your perfect life, but you couldn't stop the guilt from eating away at you, rotting you from the inside.
— John, Jennings' Tape

Jennings Foster is the Head of CSI who helped David Tapp solve murder cases. He had accidentally killed somebody in a hit and run and then framed someone else as the killer, unbeknownst to his colleagues. This came to the attention of Jigsaw, who later kidnapped Jennings and placed him in a pendulum trap as part of Tapp's game in order to save him. Tapp managed to save Jennings from death, although he then blamed Tapp for him being placed there and ran off.

Jennings made a brief cameo appearance in the game's sequel Saw II: Flesh & Blood, where he was taking photos of Detective Tapp's apartment after his suicide. A note found in one of Tapp's case files stated that Jennings was really grateful towards Tapp for saving his life, vowing to continue the hunt for Jigsaw after Tapp is forced to abandon his obsession.

Due to him still actively being an officer in Flesh & Blood, it is presumed that his deeds were never discovered, nor did Tapp inform anyone he was responsible for the hit and run.

List of Appearances

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