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Ivan Landsness
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw IV
Status Deceased
Died In Saw IV
Cause of Death Arms and Legs torn apart by mechanically controlled chains yanking apart at velocity
Profession Hotel Proprietor
Role Rigg's Game
Reason Tested Violent Rapist
Relationships Many Unnamed rape victims,

Pet Dog

Portrayed by Marty Adams
As a voyeur, you have kept photos of those you have victimized. Can you see the pain you have brought them? You have torn apart their lives. You've used your body as an instrument of abuse.
John Kramer, Ivan's tape[src]

Ivan Landsness is a test subject character selected by John Kramer appearing in Saw IVHe is portrayed by Marty Adams.

He is Daniel Rigg's second test in his Patience game and the representation of Feel What I Feel, following the Hair Trap test of Brenda in See What I See.

Feel What I Feel

Daniel Rigg is instructed to go to a small hotel and abduct the overweight proprietor Ivan Landsness given a Pigface mask and the gun to threaten him into the room.

Daniel uses the suasion of his pet dog to lure him upstairs, where he forces him into the test room. Ivan is strapped by arms and legs in a shackled bed, where he must gouge out his eyes to prevent the timer activated trap from tearing him apart.

Ivan removes one eye, but fails to do the other, henceforth the trap's activation and his limbs torn away from his body.

His right leg upon tear pulls him off the bed into the position Special Agents Peter Strahm and Lindsey Perez find him in.

His body and test reveals John's ulterior motive to testing Daniel Rigg: Possible Recruitment.

Ivan's voyeur photos of his victims enrage and upset Detective Perez and previously Rigg.


Ivan's corpse at the scene.

In John Kramer's selection for the test subjects of Daniel Rigg's game, John linked Jill Tuck's lawyer, Art Blank, to an abusive teacher, who Daniel Rigg despised and got into an argument with over the abuse of a little girl too afraid to come forward.

Daniel Rigg's test subjects included a female pimp ruining teenage girl's innocence in return for money as his first test as 'See What I See', Ivan Landsness in 'Feel What I Feel', Abusive Teacher Rex and his wife Morgan in 'Save As I Save' and finally Detective Eric Matthews in 'Judge As I Judge'.

Ivan along with Brenda, Rex and Morgan were all represented by lawyer Art Blank.

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