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This trap involved Melissa Sing, (Detective Sing's widow) standing on what looked like a large-scale, untriggered bear trap. Melissa's legs were strapped to a platform in between two large boards lined with buzzsaws. Detective
Trap Fly
Tapp was required to move steel blocks within glass cubes to symbols in each box in order to free her. If Tapp was to fail the test and cross too many strike marks, the magnets holding the boards would have shorted out and the boards would have snapped shut on her, mangling her body in a similar manner to that of an iron maiden.

Hello Melissa. It's time to wake up and see what your life has become. You understood the risks of marrying an officer of the law. When he was killed, you let your vengeance for Detective Tapp consume you. Your life crumbled and you neglected your son. I now offer you a gift, a chance to break through the numbness and taste the life you buried with your husband. Will you forgive Detective Tapp, or is your hate too great to be satiated? You are in what might be called an Iron Maiden. Move the metal cubes to the symbol and avoid the strikes. After six strikes the device will snap shut, and this place will be your tomb.

Jigsaw explaining the game

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