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Ice Block Trap
Appearances Saw IV, V, VI, 3D
Also Known As Rigg's Final Test
Type of Trap Test
Victims Eric Matthews (deceased)
Mark Hoffman (fake)
Art Blank, after escaping the Mausoleum trap, found and opened an envelope meant for him. He was equipped (presumably by Jigsaw) with a contraption known as the Spine Cutter on his back, which held a pair of pincers against the back of his neck, poised to cut his spine. Art went missing for two weeks, before he was sent to watch over Detective Eric Matthews and Detective Mark Hoffman at the Gideon Meatpacking Plant to make sure that they followed the rules of their game.

Eric's hands were shackled; he had a brace on his broken foot, and a chain-linked noose around his neck. He was also standing on a slowly melting block of ice that was being warmed by heat lamps. The ice block was placed at the end of a seesaw-like scale which was in perfect balance, with Hoffman sitting at the other end, strapped to a chair, next to an electrode. It was revealed that if Eric lost his footing or enough of the ice melted, he would be hanged, and the scale would tilt toward Hoffman, dumping the runoff water onto the electrode and electrocuting him.

Art was forced to monitor Rigg's progress as he went through his tests during the 90-minute period, with each of the previous victims being clients of Art. He was, however, supplied with a button that he had been instructed to push once the 90 minutes were up, which would free the three of them. However, if the door to the room was opened before the time expired, two large ice blocks (about the size of the block Eric was standing on) would be triggered to swing down from the ceiling and crush Eric's head in between them, then resulting in Hoffman's electrocution as well. As a precaution, Art was instructed to give Eric a revolver and one bullet with which to try and prevent anyone from entering the room.

Rigg arrived at the Gideon meat-packing plant and found a card that read, "Patience, remember WHO you are saving... time is on your side." As Rigg went further into the plant, he found a second card that read, "Have you learned HOW to truly save a life?" As he approached the door, Eric shot through it and fatally shot Rigg in the chest. However, Rigg still managed to barge through it with only 00:01 left on the timer, releasing the ice blocks and killing Eric. Art ran toward Rigg, yelling at him, and Rigg shot him in the side, causing Art to fall to the ground. As Rigg and Art laid on the ground in pain, Rigg accused Art of being responsible for the game. Art yells out that Jigsaw was testing him and reaches into his bag for a tape recorder to prove it. Rigg mistook the recorder for a weapon and killed Art with a gunshot to the head, causing Art to drop the tape player that played Rigg's failure tape, stating that if he had just waited, instead of charging through the door as he had been warned against, he would have saved Eric and they would all have been free to go.

Hello, Officer Rigg. If you are hearing this, then you have reached Detective Matthews and Detective Hoffman in under 90 minutes, resulting in their deaths. The rules were clear. You were warned. They had to save themselves. Their salvation was out of your hands. Time was on your side but your obsession wouldn't let you wait. Instead of saving Detective Matthews, you cost him his life. You failed your final test.
— Jigsaw's final words to Rigg[src]

Hoffman, having not been in any actual danger of being electrocuted at all, freed himself from his bindings and calmly walked towards Rigg, revealing himself to be Jigsaw's second accomplice. Hoffman then pulled the wires from the monitors and left the room, leaving Rigg bleeding on the floor.

The point of this test was to teach Rigg to remain patient, and not to charge through an unsecured door, as Hoffman had previously warned him against, while also testing Rigg to see if he had learned Jigsaw's way to save a life.

Original Ideas: earlier designs of the trap had just Eric Matthew's on the ice block on his own with Hoffman watching over him. However this was changed in order for Art Blank to play his part in the test. Originally the idea for Hoffman was that he was hooked over a pool of water linked to electrodes and that once the time had expired the hook would release him into the water electrocuting him. Due to filming complications this was changed into a scale with Eric standing on a melting ice block and the run of water that melted to tip on Hoffmans side of the static chair in order for Eric's fate to be directly linked to Hoffman's fate as well.

Saw 3D

When Hoffman is looking for Jill in the Police Department, the mechanism that held the "arms" of the trap is seen in the evidence room. The chair can be seen behind Hoffman when he kicks Jill.


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