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Cyanide Box Hoffman's Execution

or Hoffman's Execution

Lawrence Gordon game over

After placing Jill in the Reverse Bear Trap, Hoffman attempts to cover his tracks and disappear by setting fire to a gas tank in his lair, resulting in an explosion that demolishes it. As Hoffman walks away from the explosion, he is attacked by three men dressed in Jigsaw's Pighead masks. Hoffman attempts to fight them off, but is overwhelmed and subsequently drugged. As Hoffman succumbs to the drug, he sees one of the Pigheads remove his mask, revealing himself to be Dr. Lawrence Gordon, while the other two masked figures remain unknown. It is revealed through a seres of flashbacks that Dr. Gordon has been assisting Jigsaw as his secret apprentice since Gordon cauterized his own leg after the events of The Bathroom Trap. If anything happened to Jill, Jigsaw instructed Dr. Gordon to "act on his behalf."

Hello Dr. Gordon, you are, perhaps, my greatest asset. Without you, my work over the last few years would not have been possible. That being said, I have a request, watch over Jill. Should anything happen to her, I want you to act immediately on my behalf, and in return for that; I will keep no more secrets from you. I have shown you a lot of places, but there is one that will perhaps be the most meaningful to you...

Jigsaw explains his last request

Hoffman then wakes up chained to the same pipe as Adam in The Bathroom Trap from the original Saw. He tries to grab the hacksaw near him to amputate his own leg to save himself, but Dr. Gordon grabs it and throws it down an adjacent hallway, out of his reach. Dr. Gordon then delivers the iconic line, "Game Over" and slams the door to the room shut, just as Jigsaw did in the original Saw, ending leaving Hoffman in the bathroom to die of starvation with no means of escape.

"No! You can't fuckin' do this to me! Fuck you! No!"

"Game over."


Dr. Gordon leaving Hoffman in the bathroom to die slowly.

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