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Griff Saw II Flesh and Blood
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw II: Flesh & Blood
Also Known As N/A
Status Alive/Deceased (player determined)
Died In Saw II: Flesh & Blood (determinant)
Cause of Death Explosion (determinant)
Age Unknown
Profession Unknown, former law student
Role Victim in Michael's Tests
Reason Tested Being a rapist
Relationships Michael Tapp (savior or killer); David Tapp (arrested him; deceased); Unnamed female college professor (rape victim; unknown)

Griff is a test subject in Saw II: Flesh & Blood where he is strapped to a chair with a bomb which, if not defused in 30 seconds, will explode. Michael Tapp encounters him and he has the choice to either release Griff from his bindings by playing a mini game (which he has to put a line of numbers from smallest to largest), or just leave him to die. If Micheal saves Griff he will run into the next room he will be sitting down thanking Michael.

The reason he was tested is because whilst he was in college he became obsessed with a female professor who didn't want anything to do with him. So he raped her, then was thrown out of the college and arrested by David Tapp. If you save him or not, it will not effect the storyline of the game.

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