Campbell eventually reaches a room with spiked walls surrounding him. There is large gap where the floor should be, with a balancing spanning it. Located at the end of the hall, is a protected glass elevator. Jigsaw
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tells Campbell that another victim located above him is in a similar situation and can only survive if Campbell chooses not to take the elevator at the end of the hallway and sacrifice himself by getting crushed in between the spiked walls closing in on him. Campbell's second option is to reach the end of the hall and get into the elevator, choosing to save himself, and letting the other mysterious person die. Only one person can fit into the elevator.

At the end of the game, the victim is revealed to be Michael. If Campbell got into the glass elevator and saved himself, Michael will be crushed to death by the closing walls. Campbell then meets Jigsaw personally inside a door and Jigsaw tells him that his son is outside the building and all Campbell must do is walk away. Campbell declares that he cannot let his son live in a world with people like him in it. Campbell goes belligerent and charges at Jigsaw to attack him. But Jigsaw steps to the side and allows a falling scythe to kill Campbell. He tries to pull himself off the scythe, but dies. Jigsaw then goes to his corpse and says "Game Over". If Michael got into the glass elevator, he will face two doors; one lets him escape Jigsaw's game and publish the story from the case files he collected, while the second door leads him to a Pighead outfit, implying that Michael can become Jigsaw's new accomplice. The choice made is not revealed.

Above you is another of my subjects. He is about the same age as your son, and you've never met him. But he has a long life ahead of him. The glass elevator at the end of the hall will only fit one. Now you must make a choice, save yourself and watch someone die, or sacrifice your life for his. Let the game begin.
— Campbell's tape

The Glass Elevator Continued

Michael reaches the room above the one that Campbell was in during his test. It is revealed that Michael is the "stranger" in the room above Campbell's and that Campbell's decision ultimately affects whether or not Michael survives. Michael must walk across the beam to the glass elevator, however, if Campbell is in the elevator, Michael will get crushed to death by the surrounding walls.

If Campbell survives, the player receives the Path of Blood ending; but if Michael survives, the player receives the Path of Flesh ending.

Hello Michael. You aided dirty cops and their drug cartel, telling yourself it was for money. The real reason of course, was for revenge, revenge for a life of abandonment. You got more than you bargained for, driving your father to suicide, and yet you've destroyed more lives than just his. Now your life rests in the sacrifice of a stranger. Below you is a man you've never met. For you to live he must sacrifice what is left of his life. Can he look past his own greed and selfishness to save just one person? Let's find out. Live or die Michael.
— Michael's tape

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