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Glass Coffin
Appearances Saw V, Saw VI
Also Known As Walls Closing In
Type of Trap Standard Trap
Victims Peter Strahm (deceased), Mark Hoffman (survived)

Strahm followed Hoffman to the location of the current game, and entered a room with a transparent box filled with broken glass and a recording. The tape urged Strahm to trust Hoffman and to get into the box for he would be hurt, but would have a chance at survival. Strahm switched the tape off when he heard Hoffman walking towards the room in the distance. Shortly after, Hoffman entered the room. Strahm snuck up on him from behind and aimed his gun at Hoffman. Hoffman turned around and quickly smacked Strahms gun out of his hand and it fell to the corner of the room. Hoffman then kicks Strahm in the chest and punches him on the head. Strahm then gets the upper hand and breaks Hoffman's nose with his head He then grabbed Hoffman and threw him into the glass coffin, and sealed it.. The door to the room suddenly closed in response and locked itself, and Strahm demanded that Hoffman tell him how to get out. Hoffman pointed at the tape recorder that Strahm had dropped on the floor, indicating for him to play the rest of the tape. Strahm did so, and the tape revealed to him that he would never be heard from again and that he would simply "vanish", causing Strahm to realize that he would have lived if he had gotten into the box. As the box began to lower into the floor, the tape added that Jigsaw's legacy would become Strahms, since all of the evidence in the Jigsaw investigation now made him out to be Jigsaw's apprentice, and the walls of the room started to close in on him.

Hello, Agent Strahm. If you are hearing this, then you have once again found what you are looking for. Or so you think. Your dedication is to be commended. But I ask you: have you learned anything in your journey of discovery? As the old adage goes, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." The situation you find yourself in is one of trust. So I ask you, Special Agent Strahm, have you learned to trust me? The only way to survive this room is by entering the glass box before you. Pain will be incurred, but you will have a chance of survival (Strahm Hears Hoffman And Stops The Tape) However, if you choose not to, you will never be heard from again. Your body will never be found. You will simply vanish. I ask you, Special Agent Strahm: Have you learned enough to trust me? Will you heed my warning? For if you do not, this room will forever be your tomb. And my legacy will become yours. Make your choice.

Hoffman explain how to survive the room

Since his body would never be found, this would leave Hoffman free to continue to place people into tests as the new Jigsaw Killer while leading the police in circles. After attempting to shoot open the box (failing, because it was bulletproof), Strahm attempted to escape through the ceiling grate, but was crushed to death by the walls as Hoffman watched with a triumphant smile. This trap was in fact drawn by the director's son, so they decided to use it in the movie.

Original Idea: Originally, the room was supposed to fill up with water, ending the scene by
Coffin Concept

Early concept of The Glass Coffin

drowning Strahm. But the crew realized that it would be too difficult to shoot, so they re-thought the scene and came up with the finished version. The idea to have Strahm crushed between two walls actually came from director David Hackl's son.
The Coffin Trap05:18

The Coffin Trap


  • The actual glass coffin can be seen in Saw IV when John Kramer lifts up the blanket in his hideout after Jill Tuck leaves him.


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