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"Game Over" is a line frequently used in the Saw series. In general, the line is used at the end of the films when the principal subject ultimately fails his or her game and is left to die. In Saw, "Game Over" is used when John awakes in the bathroom and seals Adam inside to rot.

In Saw II, it is used twice; when Eric Matthews beats John and points his gun at John's mouth, and when Amanda leaves Eric chained up in the bathroom to rot.

In Saw III, John says "Game Over" to Amanda, who had failed her test and was shot in the neck by Jeff Denlon.

In Saw IV, Mark Hoffman says "Game Over'" when he reveals himself an accomplice and leaves Daniel Rigg to bleed to death.

Saw V is the only film in which there is no "Game Over'" line.

In Saw VI, it is Jill Tuck who says the line to Hoffman after putting him in the Reverse Beartrap 2.0; leaving him to die.

In Saw 3D, Hoffman says it to Jill when killing her with the original Reverse Beartrap as an act of revenge. The final "Game Over" line in the series is used by Lawrence Gordon, when he seals Hoffman in the bathroom, along with the decayed remains of Adam, Zep, Xavier, and Lawrence's severed foot, to die.


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