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Biographical Information
Appearances Saw IV, V
Status Alive
Profession Homicide Detective
Role Supporting
Relationships Unknown
Portrayed by Mike Realba

Fisk is a homicide police detective played by Mike Realba. Within the police department, he serves as Hoffman's second in command.

In the films

Saw IV

Fisk first appears at the cirme scene of Detective Allison Kerry, informing Hoffman of a bullet lodged between the device that killed Kerry. He then drops by Strahm and Perez's office to inform Hoffman of another doctor missing from the hospital (revealed to be Lynn Denlon). Shortly after Rigg's game is started, he discovers through fingerprint data that the bullet casing belongs to Rigg, and announces this to Strahm and Perez. Immeditely following, the three of them are told of shots being fired from inside Rigg's apartment, and then travel to the location where they come upon Brenda's body, as well as several photographs and writing on the walls. At the crime scene, he tries reaching Hoffman on his cell phone to alert him on what happened.

He's later seen dropping by the interrogation room and alerting Strahm of the newest 'game' (Ivan's Bedroom Trap).

Saw V

After being called to the Gideon warehouse by Strahm, Fisk, along with the rest of his department and the SWAT team. arrive at the building and raid it. As Hoffman is walking out and carrying Corbett Denlon in his arms, Fisk asks him what happened and if Rigg was alright, to which Hoffman replied, 'nobody made it'. He and Hoffman both stare in shock as Strahm (the only apparent survivor) is carried out on a gurney into an ambulance.

His last known apperanace was in a flashback pre-Saw. He alerts Hoffman of Seth Baxter's murder and, once arriving at the building, proceeds to guide him through the crime scene.

Saw 3D

While Jill Tuck is meeting with Gibson, she tells him she doesn't trust the remaining Homicide detectives (including Fisk), both because they had her under interrogation earlier and also because Hoffman was a well trusted friend of theirs.

Behind the Scenes

  • Fisk's role in Saw V (where, in a flashback, he takes Mark Hoffman to Seth's murder scene) was originally meant for Detective Tapp.


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