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Water Cube Fatal Five's Tests The Collars
Brit, Charles, Mallick and Luba

Brit, Charles, Mallick and Luba receive instructions

The Fatal Five's Tests are divided in four parts:

Five victims (Brit, Charles, Luba, Mallick and Ashley ) awakened to discover that they were trapped in the sewers, with the intention of reaching the exit. Jigsaw captured each of them because the five were all involved in a fire that resulted in the deaths of innocent people, and their actions or inactions were a result of avarice and self-serving needs. The five were subjected to four tests, all involving teamwork. Each test, and the whole series, was subjected to a time limit. When the door to the previous room was closed, a fifteen-minute timer would begin to count down in the current room, and a cluster of nail bombs (similar to the bomb in Troy's Classroom Trap) would go off when it expired. The doors would also seal after a time limit, so the subjects were required to be prompt, lest they all die by the bombs. The tests were designed in such a way that the participants would either have to work together and escape with only minor injury (a concept that was not realized until their final test), or would gradually kill them one-by-one (one person per room) if they would not co-operate. The notion of teamwork was exemplified by the final two traps, which were designed in such a way that if for whatever reason there was only one survivor when facing either of the traps, he or she would not be able to complete the trap and would be killed by the nail bombs.

Original Idea: According to an audio commentary with director David Hackl and assistant director Steve Webb, The Fatal Five's Tests would take place in a subway.


  • The tests actually take place in a renovated version of the Nerve Gas House set.

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