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Michael discovers a nurse, Carla Song, who appears in an elevator shaft with her arms restrained and locked onto a metal board, which is secured by chains connected to either side of the shaft, while her legs are secured to the
roof of a stationary elevator resting beneath her. Michael must balance groupings of numbers before the time expires and the elevator falls, taking Carla's lower half with it and ultimately killing her.

Hello Carla. You are a doctor at a free clinic, tending to people in need. This would be admirable, except for the fact that you steal pharmaceuticals and you sell them on the street. Your legs are attached to an elevator, and your arms to the ceiling. Balance the numbers using as few numbers as possible. If you fail, the elevator will fall, tearing you in half. You feed off the addictions of the desperate and the destitute, perpetuating a cycle of addiction that is difficult to break. Well, let's see what your breaking point is.

Jigsaw explaining the game

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