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Electric Bathtub
S5mallick and luba's dead body
Appearances Saw V
Also Known As Bridge the Gap
Electric Bath
The Circuits
Dirty Bathwater
Type of Trap Test (assumed as Competition)
Victims Mallick (survived), Luba Gibbs (executed), Brit (survived)
Created by Mark Hoffman

This trap, located in the next room, consisted of five electrical cables, connected to a power source, and a bathtub filled with water in the center of all of them. At the beginning of the game, an electrical current began running through the cables, and a circuit had to be completed if the door to the next room was to open. The cables were not long enough to reach the bathtub by themselves, thus the body was meant to transmit the surge from the cable to the tub, in the process giving the person an electrical shock, but opening the door. The group had three minutes to complete the circuit, or the doors would seal forever, and the group would die from the explosion of the nail bombs. Luba, believing that a single person's body would need to be the focal point for all five cords.

Hello and welcome. You must all be eager to learn the next important lesson in your transformation. The game before you is designed to bridge the gap between you all. In order to open the five locks on the door out of this room, the five electrical circuits powering them must be closed. The only way to do this is to find a way to connect all five cords to the bath water. Close the circuits, and the door will open. But you must work quickly for in three minutes, an electrical current will surge through this room, locking the door forever. Who will bridge the gap? The choice is yours.

Jigsaw explain the rules

Luba attacked Mallick in hopes of killing him, but Brit fatally stabbed Luba in the neck with the sharp end of one of the cables before she could do so. Brit and Mallick then proceeded to place Luba into the bathtub and hook her up to the cables, completing the circuit. It is later discovered by Brit and Mallick within the next trap that this test (and the others) were indeed survivable for everyone, if the group had used teamwork to complete the circuit. Had each person held a cable and placed their free hand into the water, they would have only suffered a minor shock and would have been able to press on.

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