Dwayne is the third Bullish Man in Saw II: Flesh & Blood, and one of three to be given a name.


When Michael Tapp finds him, he is in a room hidden behind a metal sliding door. Michael releases him when he presses a button. Another metal sliding door opens revealing a room with a sealed metal door behind it. By luring Dwayne inside the room and pressing the button again, Michael is able to re trap Dwayne. The room Dwayne was in remains open, revealing one of David Tapps cassete tapes. After pressing the button a third time, the door Michael trapped Dwayne in will be revealed again. By now, the sealed door has opened, and Dwayne is gone.

Michael meets Dwayne again in a caged room. When Dwayne is released, the cage becomes electrified, and Michael has to trick Dwayne into ramming into the fence to kill him.

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