Donovan was minor character and a bullish man who is an enemy in the game Saw II: Flesh & Blood. He is one of the two bullish men who are explained more than the rest. Michael Tapp encounters him and is immediatly attacked by him. Michael uses various weapons to knock him out when his spikes get stuck in the wooden crates. Michael encounters Donovan again later, Donovan attacks Michael again and Michael kills Donovan by dropping a large metal crate on him from a crane.

The reason why he was tested was because he was very violent towards his girlfriend's and beat them and blamed it on them and claimed to beat them severly because of his love for them. The device that he was in was that the spikes would reflect the damage he did to something on to himself so he could feel the pain he put on his lovers.

Tape: Hello Donovan. You have always been a violent man, especially to the women you claim to love. You tell them that the pain you cause them is their own fault, that you love them too much to not beat them mercilessly. Let's see if you can take the pain you dish out. The device attached to your body has spikes that point inward and outward. The pain you cause with these spikes will be reflected back onto you. Understand Donovan, sometimes the use of force can be your downfall.

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