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or "The Collor 2.0""the Neck Tie Trap 2.0" is a trap which appeared twice in the videogame Saw II: Flesh & Blood. The first victim of this trap was drugdealer Chuck. The trap he was in was that he was chained to a wall by a collar and chain that allowed him to run to Michael and kill him, but couldn't get him when he was over a yellow line and also he had razor's stabbed through his forearms to kill Tapp. When Michael finished a mini game, the same he had to play to save Griff from his trap, Chuck was pulled away from Michael in an electrified puddle of water and died of electricution.

Chuck in the trap

Hello Chuck. You are a drug dealer. When you were caught, you shifted the blame onto your best customer, Robert, in an attempt to recieve a lighter sentence. You put a man in prisonfor your actions. But there is nobody to ease your burden now. You and Robert are forever bound by your actions, just as you are bound to this wall. Your only escape is to move and take someone with you back to the wall. But be gentle; those are razor blades embedded in your arms. Live or die, Chuck.

Chuck's tape

The second victim attached to the trap was Robert. His trap was very similar to Chuck's with a collar and chain and razors in his forearms, but instead of playing a mini games, Michael needs to turn some valves to turn on the sprinklers to put out the fires. When the fires are out and when Michael has got the opposite side of the room to the message recorder, the entrance is shut and Robert is locked away and never seen again.


Hello Robert. As an addict, you trusted your drug dealer, Chuck, with your life. But your trust was misplaced, and he sent you to prison for a crime you did not commit. In prison, your addiction became worse. You are chained to your addiction, just as you are chained to this wall. To break the cycle, you must move past your addiction and bring someone else with you to the wall. Ensuring they live will be tricky; you have razor blades embedded in your arms. Do not become a murderer, Robert.

Robert's tape

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