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Dan Erickson
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw V, VI
Also Known As N/A
Status Deceased
Died In Saw VI
Cause of Death Jugular vein slashed and subsequently burned alive by Lieutenant Mark Hoffman
Profession FBI Agent
Role Supporting
Relationships Peter Strahm (fellow agent, deceased), Lindsey Perez (fellow agent, deceased), Mark Hoffman (killer, deceased)
Portrayed by Mark Rolston

By endangering yourself and others, you are off the case!

Erickson gets a better position by setting Strahm off

Dan Erickson is a fictional character in the Saw franchise. He is the deuteragonist of Saw V and Saw VI. He is played by American actor Mark Rolston.

In the films

Saw V

Erickson was an FBI agent who shortly after the events of Saws III and IV was appointed to overlook the Jigsaw case. He relieved Peter Strahm of duty following his narrow escape from a Jigsaw trap and grew increasingly wary of him as Strahm became obsessed with Jigsaw. After he was informed by Hoffman that Strahm believed there to be another Jigsaw accomplice, Erickson placed a trace on Strahm's mobile phone to find him. Going to the phones location, Erickson found a Jigsaw facility and a heavily injured Brit and Mallick, victims of a current game, before calling for paramedics. In the ending credits of the film, it is revealed that his first name was Dan.

Saw VI

Erickson throat slash

Erickson with his jugular vein slashed by Hoffman.

Saw VI (HD) - Mark Hoffman's identity as Jigsaw is revealed05:13

Saw VI (HD) - Mark Hoffman's identity as Jigsaw is revealed

Hoffman slashes Erickson's throat, and burns him alive.

Erickson returned alongside Lindsey Perez, having helped her fake her death for her own safety, to investigate Strahm's apparent link to Jigsaw. As they investigated, Erickson and Perez displayed suspicion of Hoffman, believing evidence implicating Strahm had been planted. Removing the distortion from the Jigsaw-style tape found at the trap Seth Baxter was in, Hoffman was revealed as the true accomplice, forcing him to lash out and slice open Erickson's jugular vein. Erickson was shown to still be alive as Hoffman poured gasoline on his body and then set him on fire.


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