Michael finds a cop, Joseph Poltzer, tied to a metal table with vices by his limbs and head. Michael must complete a series of color puzzles to shut down the device and free Joseph. Should Michael fail, the device will


get to full power and crush Joseph's limbs and skull with immense pressure and speed, killing him.

Hello Joseph. You are the lead Vice Detective in charge of investigating crimes involving prostitution and narcotics. But you don't put drug dealers in jail. Instead you squeeze them for every penny, forcing them to work for you. You pollute the city you swore to protect. At each of your limbs are mechanical devices, that, when triggered, will close one by one. The last vice will crush your skull. As an officer of the law, you have betrayed your badge. You have controlled people by taking advantage of their vices. Now those vices will control you. Let the game begin...

Jigsaw explaining the game

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