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Biographical Information
Appearances Saw V
Status Deceased
Died In Saw V
Cause of Death Killed by nail bombs in the after back hit by Luba Gibbs
Profession Investigative Journalist for "The Herald"
Role Test Subject
Reason Tested Investigated, but then buried, the story of the building the others helped burn down; Eight people died in this fire
Relationships Fellow victims: Ashley (deceased), Mallick (alive), Brit (alive), Luba Gibbs (deceased)
Portrayed by Carlo Rota
I'm an investigate journalist, for The Herald.
— Charles introduces himself.

Charles is a fictional character who appeared in Saw V. He seems to have a lot of information about the others (Brit, Mallick, Luba and Ashley) who are being tested with him, as he was investigating the fire that they were all involved in. Charles is the most logical of the group, attempting to think about the traps, before acting in them. However, he becomes consumed with the idea that the games are simply a "survival of the fittest" and brutally attacks Mallick to prevent him from completing the Glass Jar Trap.

In The Collars


Charles uses his jacket to get his key.

Charles is the third to wake up in the Neck Tie. As Mallick is attempting to remove his collar, Charles recommends he doesn't, because he could accidentally start the device that they are attached to, and they shouldn't begin until they know the rules. After hearing the tape, he is the first to notice the jars (later revealed to be nail bombs) in the room with them, and makes the point that they should move fast. Ashley confirms that they are bombs, and Mallick, shocked, wonders how she knows that. Charles then reveals that Ashley is a fire inspector (which greatly upsets her, as she has never met Charles before). He ignores both Mallick and Ashley as they frantically ask how he knows her. When Luba suggests that the "advantages from birth" was money, he says (along with Ashley), that he doesn't come from wealth. When Mallick suggests that Charles knows more about everyone in the room, Charles tells him to relax, and that the less everyone knows about him, the better. He then further aggravates Mallick by pointing out how he screwed up his life by showing everyone a burn on his (Mallick's) arm. Mallick angrily responds with "Fuck you". Charles suggests that Mallick has been playing with matches again. This is the final straw for Mallick, who rushes to get his key. Charles yanks on his own cable, which clotheslines Mallick, but unfortunatley, sets off the 60 second timer. Charles is the first to get his key, and gets his collar off with less than 10 seconds to spare. Charles, horrified, witnesses the decapitation of Ashley. However, he appears to handle the situation, and suggests that if the group doesn't want to be shredded by the nail bombs, they should move on. He then enters the next room.

The Ceiling Jars

Charles 1

Charles in the Glass Jar trap.

Charles is inspecting the 16 glass jars hanging from the ceiling when Mallick enters, and almost closes the door, to which Charles tells him to wait until the last second before the bombs go off. When Brit mentions that Ashley worked for the fire department, he responds with the fact that she was fired a month ago. After Mallick threatens to close the door, Charles starts toward him menacingly, but is calmed down by Brit. A tape instructs the group that the jars hold keys to the shelters surrounding them which would save them from the impending explosion in the room.
Charles explosion

Charles, was killed from the explosion.

Charles begins smashing the jars with a metal rod he discovers before any of the other members and hits Mallick with it in order to prevent him from retrieving a key from the jars. By this point, Charles truly believes that the games are meant to be a "survival of the fittest". When Mallick, laying on the ground, grabs the third key, Charles steps on his hand and manages to retrieve his key, but is hit with one of the metal rods by Luba. Mallick takes the key and gets into the third shelter at the last moment, while Charles is left behind and dies in the explosion.
Charles remains,after the explosion.

Charles' remains, after the explosion.

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