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Ceiling Jars was a second trap of Fatal Five's Tests.

Ceiling Jars
Mallick and Charles Smash
Appearances Saw V
Also Known As The Key to fit the Lock
The Explosion by Nails
Type of Trap Competition Trap, Test
Victims Brit (survived) Charles (deceased), Luba Gibbs (survived), Mallick (survived)
Created by Mark Hoffman

Brit, Mallick, Luba, and Charles proceeded into a room with sixteen glass jars suspended from the ceiling. There were four tube-like bomb shelters in the room, locked by grated circular doors, each requiring a specific key to open. It was revealed that the glass jars hanging above the group contained the keys to three of the shelters, and that many of the other jars contained blank keys, but because the jars were filled with glass, it was difficult to identify whether or not a single jar held either. This room, like the others, had nail bombs inside of it linked to a timer, and the object was to obtain the correct keys and enter the corresponding shelters (which were outside of the blast radius), before the bombs detonated at the countdown of the timer. In order to reach/smash the jars, and locate the keys, the group was provided with three metal rods.


View of the Ceiling Jars

Hello. And welcome to the next lesson. These walls hold four chambers. These chambers offer safety. However, to access them, a key is needed, but only three of the keys will fit the locks. These keys are in the glass jars hanging from the ceiling. Move quickly, though. Because when the clock ticks down, the explosives in the corners of the room will detonate. With only three points of safety, which of you will be the odd man out? Make your choice.

Jigsaw explain the rules

Initially, the group assumed that only three of them would reach safety and one would be left to die when the nail bombs went off. Charles began the game by hitting Mallick with one of the metal rods, knocking him to the ground, and proceeding to smash all of the hanging jars. Brit and Luba began frantically searching for keys that matched the locks on the steel bars. Mallick, still conscious, attempted to pick up a key, but Charles stepped on his hand and promptly took it from him. Just as Charles was about to enter his shelter, Luba hit him from behind with a metal rod, knocking the key out of his hand, and she gave the key back to Mallick. The trio entered their shelters and left Charles to die in the explosion. If they worked as a team, they would have realized that the shelters were large enough to accommodate more than one person, and thus everyone would have been able to survive the blast. The line 'which of you will be the odd man out?' was alluding to the fact that there would be two chambers with two people in them (had the group followed the game correctly), and one person would be in a chamber alone, thus making them 'the odd man out', but the group failed to identify this clue.

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