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If the player chooses to save Campbell, he will enter the elevator, which takes him to an in-person confrontation with Jigsaw in a doorway. Campbell is told that his son is safe, but he becomes hysterical and lunges at
Jigsaw and is impaled by a hidden swinging scythe.

Dialogue between Jigsaw and Campbell:

Jigsaw: Hello Campbell. Your son is unharmed. He came to me seeking answers, and he found them, in the love of his father. Your willingness to sacrifice everything for a son you never knew was your test, and you passed. Now all you have to do is turn around and walk away. Go see your son.

Campbell: So he's safe? He's not here?

Jigsaw: Far away from this place.

Campbell: I can't let him live in a world with people like you in it! [Charges at Jigsaw and is impaled by a swinging scythe]

Jigsaw: Game Over.

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