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Campbell Iman
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw II: Flesh & Blood
Also Known As N/A
Status Deceased
Died In Saw II: Flesh & Blood
Cause of Death Flesh Ending: Sacrifices himself.

Blood Ending: falling scythe.

Age 40
Profession Drug dealer
Role Test subject
Reason Tested Being a drug addict
Relationships His son

Campbell Iman was targeted by Jigsaw because of his addiction to drugs and his estrangement from his son, who is also a drug addict. His last name is mentioned in a case file which also revealed that he had lymphoma. Jigsaw placed him in a "Venus Fly Trap" device which he escaped by cutting out a key buried near his own eye. After traversing several traps, Campbell is informed that there is another subject, Michael Tapp, in the game and that only one may live. Campbell is given the choice of sacrificing himself for a stranger, who has a potentially long life ahead of him, or saving himself, knowing he has only a short time to live because of his cancer. This choice decides the fate of Michael Tapp at the end of the game.

If Campbell sacrifices himself, he gets crushed by spiked moving walls or fall off the wooden plank. If Campbell chooses to save himself, Michael dies and Campbell meets Jigsaw who informs him that his son is safe, having passed his own test prior to the events of the game, and all he has to do is leave through the exit. However, Campbell suffers a breakdown and declares that he cannot let his son live in a world with people like Jigsaw in it. Campbell goes belligerent and charges at Jigsaw, intending to kill him, only for him to step to the side, allowing a concealed, falling scythe to fall and impale Campbell. Campbell tries to pull himself out of the scythe but dies. Jigsaw then observes his corpse and mutters "Game Over".

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