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Saw 3d cale
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw 3D
Status Deceased
Died In Saw 3D
Cause of Death Hanged on the ceiling
Profession Unknown
Role Test subject
Reason Tested Knew of Bobby's lies
Relationships Bobby Dagen (best friend)
Portrayed by Dean Armstrong

Across from you is your closest friend. He knows all your sins, yet he acts as though he "hears no evil".

Bobby's tape in Cale's Test/Trap

Cale was Bobby Dagen's best friend and co-conspirator in his lies as a Jigsaw survivor, and was deemed as "Hearing No Evil", after listening to Bobby's scheming and planning to become rich off the killer's crimes and not stopping him, but instead joining him.

Hear No Evil


Cale in his deafening mask

Saw 3D (HD) - Bobby's test - The Deafening Mask AKA Hear No Evil05:10

Saw 3D (HD) - Bobby's test - The Deafening Mask AKA Hear No Evil

Blindfolded and hooked to a noose on the end of a winch, Cale stood at one end of a hallway whose floor has fallen away to leave only the support beams and a few loose planks. Bobby is at the other end, and the key to free Cale hangs from the ceiling between them. In 60 seconds, Bobby must guide Cale across the hallway, get the key, and pass it to him in order to prevent him from being hanged.

Cale's body was found by the police.

Bobby throws the key to Cale, who just misses catching it and dies when the winch lifts him off his feet.

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