Michael discovers Solomon Bates tied by his hands, feet, and torso to a sliding cart, connected to a railing a few feet above the ground, hanging above numerous pipes. The pipes below are all linked to a heater and alternate
between spewing flames. Michael must move Solomon's cart horizontally from room to room until the cart reaches the end of the series of rooms in order to set Solomon free. Each room has three sets of pipes that alternate between spewing fire for a set period of time, and it is Michael's responsibility to make sure that Solomon is not hanging above the pipes while they are active. Likewise Michael is also required to complete puzzles in the each room (moving carts to clear a path and matching symbols) while he is preventing the hot pipes beneath Solomon from burning him alive.

Hello Solomon. You knowingly work for criminal organizations, concealing their profits by cooking the books. You would say that you are just doing your job. I say you give criminals their ability to pollute the streets with drugs. You are attached to a cart set on a track. To free yourself, all you have to do is to get to the other side of the room. As you can see, getting there will require some... planning. You're so good at cooking the books, Solomon. Let's see how well you burn.

Jigsaw explaining the game

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