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Biographical Information
Appearances Saw V
Status Alive
Profession Senior VP for Marshvard Real Estate and a con artist
Role Test subject
Reason Tested Orchestrated a plan to burn down an occupied building
Relationships Fellow Victims: Mallick (Alive), Charles (Deceased), Ashley (Deceased), and Luba Gibbs (Deceased)
Portrayed by Julie Benz
Was it for money? This was your plan? You're the one behind it? There was eight people still living in that building, you had to know that! Did you know that? You're a monster!
— Mallick finds out about Brit

Brit is a fictional character and the Secondary Protagonist of Saw V. She works as a VP for a real estate development company.

In The Collars

Brit is the last to awaken in the Neck Tie Trap. After Mallick makes the comment that it was Jigsaw who is doing this to them, she corrected him saying that Jigsaw is dead, and it has been broadcasted on TV. After Luba points out the camera, and that someone is watching them, Brit realizes that it is to ensure that they follow the rules.
Saw v brit collar

Brit in the Neck Tie Trap

When Charles notices the jars (nail bombs) surrounding them, Brit quickly suggests that since the trap tape didn't mention anything about the jars, they could be nothing, only to be proven wrong by Ashley, who states that she is positive that they are bombs. Mallick begins to panic when Charles won't answer his questions, and Brit suggests that they "keep their cool", and that they can figure this out. When Luba asks her what she did to get here, Brit coldly responds "You first". When the Neck Tie Trap is activated, she attempts to get to her key after Charles gets his, but is nearly pulled back onto the mounted blades when Luba springs off from her cage to get her key. After Luba retrieves her key, Brit pulls her way to the box, smashes the glass and grabs her own key. She manages to get her collar off, literally with no time to spare, and immediately after her collar is removed, the clock hits zero. Brit watches Ashley's beheading, but turns her head away from the horrible scene. After Charles and Luba leave the room, Brit goes around to each of the collars, removes the keys, and gets the last one from Ashley's box. When Mallick asks what she is doing, she says she is "being smart", and enters the next room.

The Ceiling Jars

Brit in the bomb shelter

Brit, in the bomb-shelter, in her second test.

As Mallick enters the room and almost shuts the door, Brit points out that closing the door will set off the next timer. When Mallick asks her whether or not she knows that for sure, she responds that it is an "educated guess". In response to Luba's saying they need to find out who everyone is, Brit reiterates that Ashley worked for the fire department. Mallick begins to panic and threatens to close the door, and Charles starts toward him menacingly, Brit grabs Charles's arm and advises everyone to calm down. She then asks Luba what her "story" is, and whether she is married, or has any kids. Later, as Charles begins smashing the jars, Brit collects one of the keys and crawls into a safety shelter.

The Electric Bathtub

Brit, Luba, and Mallick enter the conductor room together to find a bathtub and five cables surrounding them. The group realize after watching the video, which informs them of the rules for their current game, that they will need to connect the cables to the bathtub. The cables are too short to be connected to the tub without help, and they conclude that they must kill one of their group members to do so. Brit appears to be cooperating with Luba to kill Mallick and therefore use him as the conductor; instead, she stabs Luba with a sharp cable and kills her. She and Mallick attach the rest of the wires to Luba's body and continue into the next room, having completed the circuit.

10 Pints of Sacrifice

Brit 1

Brit, preparing for her final game

Brit and Mallick enter the room to discover the Blade Table trap and Brit, with help from
Brit and mallick in the blade table

Brit, sawing her own arm along with Mallick to escape.

Mallick concludes that the device in front of them is intended to drain ten pints of blood from the two of them. Soon after this revelation, they realize that the device has five holes and that each of the members of the original five were supposed to work together in each of their traps and that all of the traps didn't require one person to die, so that they could all survive until the end. Brit and Mallick discuss their reason for being tested, Brit deduces that it was because of a fire (which killed eight people) that the five of them were a part of. When it is revealed by the video recording that the human body contains ten pints of blood, but can function with only five pints of blood, Mallick suggests that he and Brit would have to either compromise and each lose five pints or decide that one of them will have to die. Brit says that they should each lose five pints and have a chance for them both to survive the room. She and Mallick insert their arms into the blades as five pints of blood is extracted from each
Saw v brit found by erickson

Brit was found by Agent Erickson, unconcious.

of their bodies. After being cut past the forearm she remarks to Mallick that they won.

She is the first to be found by Erickson, having crawled out of the last from the last room after the door was unlocked. Erickson then calls for medical assistance.

Killcount (1)

Luba Gibbs - Stabbed in the back of the neck.

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