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Bobby Dagen
Saw 3d bobby dagen (2)
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw 3D
Status Alive
Profession Author and self-help guru
Role Test Subject
Reason Tested Falsely stating he was in a Jigsaw trap, and subsequently profiting from that lie.
Relationships Joyce Dagen (wife, deceased), Nina (publicist, deceased), Suzanne (lawyer, deceased), Cale (best friend and co-conspirator, deceased)
Portrayed by Sean Patrick Flanery
Bravo, to be able to sustain such a traumatic experience and yet found the positive in that grisly act. It's a remarkable feat indeed.
— Dr. Gordon, about Bobby in the meeting

Bobby Dagen is the protagonist of Saw 3D. He is a survival health guru who made a claim to fame after alledging that he had survived a Jigsaw trap and subsequently became a media sensation selling his story to the tabloids. What few people (only his lawyer, best friend and publicist) knew that Bobby was a fraud; he had never actually been tested in a game, and his story was a complete fabrication. Even his wife was unaware of his scheme. His lies and undeserved local fame caused him to be targeted for a series of actual Jigsaw traps. He is played by veteran actor Sean Patrick Flanery.



Bobby giving the autographed copy of his book to Sara.

Survive Program

Somewhere between the events of Saw and Saw II Bobby Dagen created a self help group for the survivors of Jigsaw's traps. The Survivor's group is the core engine of rehabilitation, the pumping heart and soul of the S.U.R.V.I.V.E. Program. The group is open to anyone who has experienced the horrific trauma of a Jigsaw trap. In the group, we share our experiences, and build understanding about WHY we found ourselves in such a horrific situation, HOW we survived, and WHO we are now. Bobby has led these meetings with compassion and insight, fostering a unique trust amongst the brutalized survivors. His experiences in these groups has allowed him to expand his knowledge base, and develop his program to reach beyond the core group, and into the widest engagement with a worldwide need for meaning and transcendence. However, it is revealed during Saw 3D that Bobby was lying about his experiences with Jigsaw, and in fact, had never been tested. As a result of that, he was kidnapped and put through a series of actual tests.

Root of all Evil (Bobby's trials)

Mark Hoffman's devised game for the lying, money-grabbing guru is represented by "money is the root of all evil" and the following deflects of evil: Speak No Evil, See No Evil and Hear No Evil. Three of his associates are selected for his tests. The first is his publicist Nina, who kept his secret while editing his book and is the Speak No Evil Test. The second is his lawyer, Suzanne, who defended him although she knew he was a fraud, which caused her to be part of the See No Evil Test. Finally, Bobby's best friend Cale who knows of his lie to gain sensation. Cale has heard the truth from Bobby but acts as if he doesn't know. He is the Hear No Evil Test,

The Silence Circle (Speak No Evil) - Nina's Trap

Bobby enters the second test room of the mental asylum of his entrapment to find his book publicist, Nina, in a straight jacket in a chair with protruding spikes pointed at her throat. The rules read that the more Nina screams, the more closer the spikes get to her throat. The key to her release is on her stomach and Bobby has to pull it out with a fishing line. While Bobby does grab the key to free her, he fails to unlock the trap in time, as Nina screams too much and the timer runs out, leading to her death. The writing on the room's door read: Redefine your priorities

The Impalement Wheel (See No Evil) - Suzanne's Trap

Bobby enters his third test and room to find lawyer Suzanne encased in a bed which lifts up following a caged appearence from Billy the Puppet. Bobby was tasked with supporting two metal spikes on his shoulders causing two others to stab his chest until the timer went off, but he eventually drops them and Suzanne's eyes and mouth are penetrated by three metal spikes. The door of the third test See No Evil reads, "Verify Your Self Worth through commitment", part of his S.U.R.V.I.V.E. morals.

The Hangman (Hear No Evil) - Cale's Trap

Bobby enters his fourth test room which contains his blindfolded friend Cale with a noose around his neck. Bobby must get him to listen to him, and help him to get across the planks before him. They are performing rather well, and Bobby reaches the key to save him. He throws the key to Cale, who just misses the catch. The timer runs out, and Cale's device lifts him in to air, hanging him.

The Brazen Bull (The Final Test) - Joyce's Trap

Bobby's fifth and final test involves him finally reaching his wife Joyce Dagen in the boiler room, where she is attached by chain on a Brazen Bull Oven.


Bobby inserts the hooks into his pectoral muscles

In order to rescue her, Bobby had to attach hooks to his pectorial muscles and hoist himself up onto a platform (as he claimed he had to in his book) to reach and connect extension cords. Bobby fails, when his pectoral muscles rip and he falls, which causes the oven to ignite incinerating Joyce in the final test.


Bobby watches as his wife burns to death

Bobby is forced to watch in horror as Joyce is incinerated. It is not established in the movie as to what became of Bobby afterwards, although the official Saw 3D website states (along with Saw 3D Director Kevin Greturt) that he is still alive


  • He is one of only two movie protagonists (the other being Lawrence Gordon) that survived his trials, as well as being the only protagonist to fail to save anybody from death in any of his trials unlike most of the protagonists.
  • Flanery was most likely cast as Bobby Dagen due to him being one half of The Boondock Saints, having reprised his role as Connor McManus in The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, which was released by Lionsgate (who also release and fund the Saw films) and also starring Julie Benz (who played "Brit" in Saw V), who played "Eunice" in All Saints Day. The producers of the Saw films mention Benz starring in quite a few Lionsgate films on the Saw V audio commentary, mentioning her roles in Saw V as well as Rambo (where she played the role of "Sarah" opposite Sylvester Stallone) and Punisher: War Zone (where she played the role of "Angela" opposite Ray Stevenson as the Punisher). Flanery obviously made an impression on co-star Benz, who in turn recommended him to Saw producers to eventually be cast in Saw 3D as Bobby Dagen.

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