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Bobby's Tests are divided in six parts:

Bobby Dagen made his fame and fortune on the lie that he was a Jigsaw survivor, claiming that his "trap" involved him having to pierce two hooks into his pectoral muscles and hoist himself up onto a platform to survive, a story which garnered much media attention. The rest of his scheme involved making money by counseling other survivors and publishing a self-help book based on his seven steps of rehabilitation, or the "S.U.R.V.I.V.E." program (as he calls it), that encourage people to make a change in their lives by experiencing the same realizations that Jigsaw imparts on his victims, without the physical trap. Due to his grand-scale lie, and subsequent success from his book deal, he was captured and put through a series of trials to test whether or not he had what it takes to become a true survivor.

At the beginning of his trials, he is told by Billy the puppet, via a television screen, that if he doesn't complete his trials within sixty minutes, Joyce, his wife, will die.

Hello Bobby. I want to play a game. You have amassed wealth, fame, and notoriety based upon your story of survival. Many have aided in your cause, but few know the truth. You are a liar. You and I both know you have never been in a trap nor have you ever been tested. Today, these lies will come full circle and you will learn if you truly have what it takes to call yourself a survivor. The cage you find yourself in will symbolize your rebirth. Within the next sixty minutes, you must stay upon the path of learning and traverse a series of obstacles to obtain access to your wife, who you have also deceived. If you fail to reach her before the clock runs out, she will die. Live or die, Bobby? Make your choice.

— Hoffman explain the rules

Bobby's tests involve his two key staff members, closest friend, and wife. The trials symbolize the group's acceptance of Bobby's lie and metaphorically represents their choices to remain ignorant to the "evils" of his mass deception, with the exception of Bobby's wife who was entirely unaware of the scheme.


Bobby's tests take place in an abandoned mental asylum. This could have been inspired by the first SAW video game, which features Detective Tapp having to fight his way out of Whitehurst Insane Asylum. This inspiration is especially noticeable in Cale's trap, which looks extremely similar to numerous locations in the game.

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