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Bernie Feldman
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw V, VI
Also Known As N/A
Status Alive
Died In N/A
Cause of Death N/A
Age 40
Profession Lawyer
Role John Kramer's lawyer
Reason Tested N/A
Relationships John Kramer (Client, Deceased)
Portrayed by Jeff Pustil

I represent your ex-husband John, in the event of his death I was instructed to contact you.

Bernie, before he show the video tape of John.

Bernie Feldman is the lawyer in charge of John's estate, who gave Jill Tuck, John's ex-wife, a locked box that had been entrusted to him.

Saw V

Jill meets Bernie Feldman at his office, after being recognized by some people in the lobby. After being shown a videotape of John telling her that she is his "heart" and that the contents of the box were of "grave importance," Jill pulled out a key strung on her necklace to unlock it. She looked inside, then closed the box and carried it out of the office without revealing its contents.

It's revealed in Saw VI that Jill's box contained six envelopes (five of which contained photos of the victims for William Easton's game), a package, and an updated version of the Reverse Beartrap (that Jigsaw used on Amanda in the first film) to use on Mark Hoffman. When she and Mark Hoffman met in a back office at the clinic, she gave him envelopes 1 through 5 but hid everything else from him. She later delivered the thick envelope to someone at the St. Eustace hospital, revealed in Saw 3D to beDr. Gordon & the envelope is revealed to contain a video tape for him.


  • Bernie knew only after John Kramer's death that he was actually Jigsaw, claiming it came as quite a surprise. Like most people, Bernie seemed to respect John Kramer and thought of him as the last person to be the Jigsaw killer. Bernie Feldman seemed like a good person, so John chose his lawyer well. 
  • Bernie Feldman is one of the few characters to survive the franchise.
  • Bernie asks Jill: "What's in the box?". This is an homage to the 1995 film "Seven", which influenced the Saw films greatly. 
  • Bernie's receptionist is played by Dana, the real life receptionist for Evolution Entertainment, the company that produces the Saw films under Mark Burg and Oren Koules. 

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