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Bedroom Trap
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Appearances Saw IV
Limb Trap
Type of Trap Test, Standard Trap
Victims Ivan Landsness (deceased)

The next test began as Rigg entered room 261 of the Alexander Motel, presumably owned by a man named Ivan Landsness. In the room, Rigg discovered a box with a picture of his wife on top of it. The back of the photo had a note for Rigg that read, "SHE NEEDED YOU". Rigg then discovered that inside the box was the infamous pig mask used by Jigsaw and his apprentice(s). He also found a tape recorder and a photo of Ivan. The tape told Rigg that he would need to grab Ivan...but to do this, he would have to conceal his identity from the motel cameras, so Rigg put on the pig mask.

Hello, Officer Rigg. In order for you to fully understand my way, you must...FEEL WHAT I FEEL. The photo before you is of a man in desperate need of help. In the next room are the tools to his salvation. His life is in your hands, but in the end, only he can save himself. Be careful. There are cameras...watching...and you must hide your identity. Make your choice.
— Jigsaw's explanation of the game (first tape)[src]

Ivan knocked on the door, but was pulled in and ordered at gunpoint to enter the room opposite the one they were in, which had "FEEL WHAT I FEEL" scrawled on the door. In this room were several pictures of various unconscious women and a bed with four shackles connected to large posts propped upwards from the corners of the bed, each equipped with numerous chains connected to gears. Flashbacks later showed that a "G" was marked on one of the shackles. It was revealed by a video tape in the corner of the room that Ivan was a serial rapist, responsible for raping and torturing the women in the photos. The tape recorder instructed Rigg to force Ivan into the trap so that he could be tested.

If you are playing this tape, then you are one step closer to truly understanding how to save a life. As an officer of the law, you find yourself torn. Is the man before you a victim or a perpetrator of violence? His salvation is out of your hands. It is your choice - if you wish - to put it into his own. Once this lesson is learned, you will find yourself one step closer to truly saving Eric Matthews. Without you, this man's game cannot begin. Force him into the position to face his demons and let him make the decision.
— Jigsaw explaining the rules to Rigg (second tape)[src]

Rigg ordered Ivan to strap himself in on the bed, where Ivan's head was placed in a vise and his hands and feet were shackled. Rigg, after reading a card that instructed him to "Hand him the tools that will save his life," supplied Ivan with two triggers. If Ivan activated both of them within one minute, two scythe-like arms attached to either side of the vise would drop down and gouge his eyes (as punishment for being a voyeur). Activating both of them would blind Ivan, but would deactivate the rest of the device and he would leave with his life. Rigg then left Ivan in the room to complete his test.

Ivan only managed to blind himself in one of his eyes, failing to press the second trigger in time. As a result, the gears connected to the posts began to crank as the four posts were pulled and planted outwards, pulling Ivan's limbs and ripping them from his body (punishment for using his body as a tool to cause harm to the women depicted in the photos).

Upon exiting the room, Rigg found another card which read, "Become the teacher and save a life. Go back to where it all began," leading Rigg to his next test.

Agents Strahm and Perez found Ivan later, dead.

The point of this test was to make Rigg feel how Jigsaw felt when he selected his subjects, implying the disgust and disappointment that he felt towards his victims.

Hello, Ivan. As a voyeur, you have kept photos of those you have victimized. Can you see the pain you have brought them? You have torn apart their lives. You've used your body as an instrument of abuse. Now I give you the choice of what you decide is most important: Your eyes, which have led you blindly astray... or your body, which has caused those around you endless suffering. You have been handed the tools that will save your life. Decide quickly, though. In 60 seconds, the choice will be made for you.
— Jigsaw explaining the rules to Ivan[src]

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