I have shown you a lot of places, but there is one that will be perhaps the most meaningful to you...
— Jigsaw's final words to Dr. Gordon[src]

The Bathroom is a fictional location from the Saw franchise, as well as the main location of the first Saw film.

Layout and Structure

It is unknown when or by whom the bathroom was built. It was located in an underground tunnel network directly connected to the Nerve Gas House and the Crushing Room. The bathroom's dilapidated state would suggest that it was abandoned for a matter of years before John Kramer, better known to the public as the Jigsaw Killer, used it for his deadly games on several occasions. (Saw II, V)

The victims trapped in the bathroom throughout Jigsaw's murder series were shackled to metal pipes located in one of the corners of the room. The room had a one-way mirror with a hidden camera behind it. Above the mirror was a clock for the victim's to see how much time they had to play their game. Usually, the victims were offered a hacksaw, which was meant to cut off their own feet in order to free from the shackles holding them. In the case of Adam Stanheight and Lawrence Gordon's game, there was also a number of clues and useful items hidden in the bathroom. However, those were only useful for their specific test and had no meaning for any other victim trapped in the room. (Saw)


Adam Stanheight and Dr. Lawrence Gordon's Test

Saw 3 Unconscious Adam

Amanda helps to prepare the bathroom

Several months after the beginning of his games, Jigsaw used the bathroom as the location of one of his most complicated tests. He and his apprentice, Amanda Young, abducted the renowned oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon and photographer Adam Stanheight, who had been observing Gordon for some days already. Both men were chained by the ankle to pipes in opposite corners of the room, with Adam lying in a water filled bathtub. He had the key for his shackle lying on his stomach. However, after waking up and scrambling from the bathtub, he accidentally pulled the plug and unwittingly sent the key down the drain. Between them, in the middle of the room, lay John in a pool of blood, posing as the corpse of a man who shot himself in the head, still holding the gun in one hand and a tape recorder in the other. Both Adam and Lawrence had an envelope in their pockets. While Adam's envelope only contained an audio tape, Lawrence's also had a key and a bullet inside. Using the plug from the bathtub, Adam eventually managed to obtain the dead man's tape recorder and play the tapes. The tapes recorded by Jigsaw gave them the instructions they had to follow in order to win their game. Lawrence had to kill Adam by 6:00. Otherwise his wife, Alison, and his daughter, Diana, would be killed by Zep Hindle, who held them hostage as part of his own test and was told to kill them and Gordon afterwards if Lawrence didn't kill Adam in time. Adam, however, was merely told to survive until the end of the game.

Listening to the clues provided by the tapes, Adam searched the toilet tank, which was marked with a heart. He found a plastic bag inside which contained a pair of hacksaws as well as the photos of Gordon he took throughout the days prior to the game. While trying to cut through their chains with the saws, Adam's saw quickly broke, leading him to angrily throw it against the mirror, breaking a piece of glass out of it. After unsuccessfully trying to cut through his chain as well, Dr. Gordon soon realized that the saws were not strong enough to cut through their chains and were actually meant to cut off their feet.


The bathroom

Despite their continuing distrust, Adam and Lawrence soon started to talk about the latter's family, and Gordon gave Adam his wallet to show him a photo of him and his family, which he said to be his favorite picture of them. However, the photo was replaced with another picture showing Alison and Diana tied up in their apartment. On the back of the photo was a message for Gordon, telling him that an "X marks the spot" and that sometimes he might see more with his "eyes shut". Adam told Gordon the photo wasn't in the wallet but refused to tell him about the new picture. However, when they got into an argument about Adam not helping Gordon to find a way out, Adam finally realized the meaning of the message and told Lawrence to turn off the light. Doing so revealed an "X" written on the wall with a fluorescent paint, not visible in the light. When Gordon used his saw to break through the marked part of the wall, he found a box inside a small hollow space which he was able to open with a key from the envelope from his pocket. The box contained a cellphone, two cigarettes and a message for Gordon which told him that he wouldn't need a gun to kill Adam, hinting at the blood of the dead man in the middle of the room being poisoned. Lawrence tried to use the phone to call the police; however, this attempt remained unsuccessful as the phone was only meant to receive calls, not to make them. Lawrence formulated a plan to stage Adam's death by using one of the cigarettes. He gave one of the cigarettes which wasn't poisoned to Adam who pretended to die. This plan was thwarted when Adam was electrocuted through his chain.

Some time later, Lawrence was unexpectedly called by his frightened daughter and wife. When Alison asked him if Adam was with him in the room, she told her husband not to trust Adam as he already knew him before. Upon the call being interrupted, Lawrence angrily yelled at Adam and demanded him to finally tell him the truth. Eventually, Adam admitted that he was observing Lawrence for some days already and revealed the photos of him he found in the same bag that contained the hacksaws. When looking at his photos, Adam suddenly found a picture which wasn't from him, showing a man staring out of a window of Lawrence's apartment, whom Lawrence identified as Zep Hindle, an orderly from the hospital. Moments later, the clock struck 6:00, marking the end of the game, as well as Lawrence's failure.


Lawrence severing his foot

Lawrence was called again by Alison and heard shots and screams in the background, causing him to panic. He was then electrocuted through his chain, rendering him unconscious for some mere seconds. Adam desperately tried to wake him up and finally managed to do so. However, this caused Lawrence to further panic, as he didn't know that his family actually managed to escape from Zep. Despite Adam's frequent attempts to calm him down, he started to cut off his foot while a screaming and horrified Adam was forced to watch. When Lawrence grabbed the dead man's gun and aimed at Adam, the latter begged for his life, but Lawrence shot him in the shoulder with the bullet from his envelope, intending to kill him, which caused Adam to collapse. Shortly thereafter, Zep entered the bathroom, and Lawrence desperately tried to shoot him but was out of bullets. Zep then prepared to kill him, since he didn't kill Adam in time. However, Adam, who had survived the gunshot, knocked him to the ground and started to fight for Zep's gun. Adam eventually managed to get the gun out of Zep's hands and bludgeoned his head with the lid of the toilet tank. Lawrence promised to find help for Adam before crawling out of the bathroom, leaving Adam behind alone.

Adam Screaming HD

Adam about to be sealed in his tomb

Ridden by fear, Adam searched Zep's body for a key to his shackle, but instead found another tape recorder which revealed that Zep was merely another victim of Jigsaw. After listening to the tape, the man in the middle of the room, who was thought to be dead the entire time, stood up and revealed himself to be the actual Jigsaw Killer. When he told Adam that the key to the shackle was in the bathtub, Adam recognizes how it went down the drain when he woke up. Terrified, he grabbed Zep's gun and attempted to shoot Jigsaw, but was electrocuted by the latter's hidden remote control. After that, Jigsaw turned off the lights before closing the door and leaving Adam to die in the darkness of the bathroom with the words "Game Over." (Saw)

Adam's Death


Adam is suffocated with a plastic bag by Amanda

Some time after Adam failed his test and was left to die, Amanda returned to the bathroom, as she felt guilty for abducting him and had nightmares about his ghost haunting her. When she arrived, Adam was already weakened by both his gunshot wound and his lack of food. Out of mercy, Amanda suffocated him with a plastic bag. Adam desperately tried to fight her off but his head smashed against the toilet, leading to him losing his consciousness and finally succumbing to asphyxiation. (Saw III)

The Nerve Gas House


Amanda and Daniel in the bathroom

Several months later, Amanda and Daniel Matthews stumbled upon the bathroom in the underground tunnels beneath the Nerve Gas House as they were trying to escape from Xavier Chavez, another victim who was trapped in another game just like Daniel and Amanda, who merely pretended to be a victim as well. When fleeing from him, Amanda and Daniel tried to hide in the bathroom where they discovered the decaying remains of Adam, Zep, and Dr. Gordon's severed foot.

Shortly after, Xavier entered the bathroom and demanded Amanda to show them the numbers on her and Daniel's neck, which were part of a combination to a safe that contained an antidote for a poison that was going to kill them. Amanda reminded Xavier that he still needed them to tell him his own number, and after some brief hesitation, Xavier cut the flesh from the back of his neck. He then approached Amanda, but was killed by Daniel, who had been playing dead, and slashed Xavier's throat with the same hacksaw Lawrence used to cut off his foot several months ago. Daniel and Amanda then left the bathroom. (Saw II)

Eric Matthews' Test

The day after the game, Amanda returned to the bathroom and hid inside the bathtub, waiting for Daniel's father, Detective Eric Matthews, to arrive. When Eric found the bathroom and searched for his son, thinking he was still trapped, he was ambushed and sedated by Amanda, who chained him by the ankle to a pipe, leaving only a spotlight, an empty gun, and a tape recorder with a message for Eric. When Eric woke up and played the tape, he realized that Amanda, who he thought to be another victim, was actually Jigsaw's accomplice. Seconds later, Amanda showed up outside the bathroom and closed the door, leaving Matthews inside to die. (Saw II)

Desperately looking for a way to escape, Eric soon found the hacksaw. At first, he attempted to saw through his chains, but when he saw Lawrence Gordon's severed foot, he realized that he had to cut off his chained foot in order to escape. Eric tried to saw his foot off with the hacksaw but couldn't bring himself to do it. Instead, he took the lid of the toilet tank and used it to smash and break his foot. This allowed Eric to slip his foot out of the shackle and escape the bathroom. (Saw III)

Peter Strahm's Investigation

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 4.46.21 PM

Strahm finds the bathroom

Approximately six months later, Special Agent Peter Strahm discovered the underground tunnels connected to the bathroom while tracking down Detective Mark Hoffman, the successor of Jigsaw after his death. In the tunnels, Strahm stumbled upon a blood trail on the ground left by Eric Matthews when he got out of the bathroom. He traced it to the closed door of the bathroom but decided not to open the bathroom door as he was trying to find Hoffman. (Saw V)

Mark Hoffman's Execution

1289887197272 hoffman-bathroom-photo

Hoffman is trapped in the Bathroom

Some time later, Lawrence Gordon, who had survived his test and became another apprentice of Jigsaw, captured and sedated Mark Hoffman after the latter murdered John Kramer's ex-wife, Jill Tuck. Following John's final instructions, he chained Hoffman up in the bathroom along with Adam, Zep, and Xavier's remains. When Gordon entered the room and Hoffman woke up, he started to panic and tried to grab the hacksaw to free himself from his shackle. However, Lawrence took the saw and threw it out of the room. Ignoring Hoffman's angry and desperate yells, Lawrence turned off the light and closed the door, leaving Hoffman to die with the words "Game Over." (Saw 3D)


  • The bathroom is considered to be the most iconic location within the Saw franchise.
  • According to an interview with Leigh Whannell, Adam and Lawrence were originally going to be trapped in an elevator or a basement instead of the bathroom.
  • The Bathroom Trap has appeared in every Saw film except for Saw IV, as its closed door to the bathroom was seen in Saw V and the bathroom itself was seen in Saw VI in archive footage.
  • The bathroom, along with the tunnels, appears to be connected to a factory of some sort as shown in the first movie. This factory area is never shown again in any of the sequels.
  • Lawrence and Eric were the only victims to ever escape the bathroom.
  • Mark Hoffman has been confirmed to have died in the bathroom in the movie's audio commentary.
  • The Bathroom set was re-used in 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 when Maggie and Carol are held Hostage.
  • The Bathroom set had to be completely rebuilt after the first movie, as there initially was no plan of any sequel at all.
  • Since the set of the bathroom had to be rebuilt for the later films, the heart on the toilet has a different shape in Saw II and Saw 3D.
  • When John Kramer paints the "X" on the wall in Saw III, it has a different shape than the one seen in the first film.
  • In Saw and Saw III, Adam Stanheight was shown to be chained by his left ankle, but in Saw II, his corpse is shown to be chained by his right ankle, and in Saw 3D, his chain is shackled to Hoffman. This is interesting, as in Saw III it was revealed that Jigsaw specifically told Amanda to chain Adam by his left ankle. This has led some fans to believe Adam is alive, and that the corpse in the bathroom is not him.
  • When Lawrence cuts off his foot at the climax of Saw, the cellphone disappears and is not seen again for the rest of the film or in any of the bathroom's reappearances. 
  • In Saw II and III, Xavier's corpse had his arms spread out at his sides, whereas in Saw 3D, the dead Xavier's arms were closer to his sides.
  • If one looks closely in Saw III and 3D, the pipe to which Adam and Hoffman are chained looks different to how it looked in the first two films.
  • In Saw and Saw 3D, Lawrence's foot was lying on its right side, but in Saw II and III, it was lying on its left side.
  • In Saw V, there was a trail of blood leading out the bathroom door, presumably left by Eric Matthews as he left the bathroom as seen in the third film. It's not Lawrence's blood trail as some fans may think. There is no blood trail in Saw II and neither in Saw 3D, presumably because John, Hoffman or Amanda cleaned Dr. Gordon's trail and John, Hoffman, Gordon, Brad or Ryan claned Eric's.
  • The bathroom door appears to slide open and shut more easily in Saw 3D than it did in the first two films.
  • In Saw II, a pipe on the wall to Adam's right was covered in thick grime, but in the Saw III opening and at the end of Saw 3D, all the grime on it has gone.
  • In Saw, Saw III, and Saw 3D, a thick green patch of fungus could be seen on the wall where a small pipe connected to it, beneath the light switch, right next to the bathroom door. However, in Saw II, this patch of fungus is missing.
  • Over the course of the films, from Saw to Saw 3D, much of the grime covering the bathroom's walls, toilets, etc. disappeared.
  • Adam's shirt and the bathtub stopper which was tied to it have disappeared from the bathroom floor.
  • In the end of Saw 3D, Dr. Gordon sees his wallet lying next to his foot. The wallet is empty, without any documents.