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Art Blank
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw IV, V
Also Known As N/A
Status Deceased
Died In Saw IV
Cause of Death Shot in the head by Officer Daniel Rigg.
Age Mid 40s
Profession Criminal Defense Lawyer
Role Main Antagonist (Saw IV) and Pawn
Reason Tested Defending people for crimes they were guilty of
Relationships John Kramer (former colleague, deceased), Solomon Bates (former colleague, deceased), Jill Tuck (client, deceased), Brenda (client, deceased), Ivan (client, deceased), Rex (client, deceased)
Portrayed by Justin Louis

 Arthur "Art" Blank was a criminal defense attorney and originally involved in a business relationship with John Kramer before John took the persona of Jigsaw. He was working on the development of houses together before John's son Gideon died and John spiraled into depression. In his duties as a lawyer, Art has successfully defended several people who were guilty of crimes against them. This included Brenda (pimp), Ivan (rapist) and Rex (an abusive husband and father). He was also the lawyer of Jill Tuck. He is the main antagonist of Saw IV, although it is later revealed that, much like Zep Hindle, he is merely a victim being tested by Jigsaw, while Mark Hoffman is the true Jigsaw apprentice behind it all.

Appearances in filmsEdit

Saw IVEdit

Art first appeared in a trap with his mouth sewn shut, along with a man named Trevor who had his eyes sewn shut, making communication with each other impossible. The two were being pulled by metal collars they were wearing that would kill them if neither man escaped in time. Art found the key to his neck in the back Trevor's collar. Trevor, believing that Art was a threat, tried to attack him. They engaged in a fight that eventually ended with Art killing Trevor in self-defense, smashing his head with a hammer. Art then ripped his mouth open and escaped but was given new instructions from Jigsaw and disappeared for the following two weeks.

During that time, he rented a room in the Alexander Motel, an prepared the Bedroom Trap for Ivan Landsness, a serial rapist he successfully defended in court as well as the owner of the motel.

Art rips the stitches from his mouth.

Additionally Jigsaw attached a device on his body which would will kill him should he refuse to follow his orders. Following Jigsaw's instructions Art abducted his former clients Brenda, Morgan and Rex, and put the latter of them in their trap at the same school where Troy died a few days ago. After that he subdued Officer Daniel Rigg in his apartment and set up Brenda's test as well. After that he went to the Gideon Meatpacking Plant and entered the room where Detective Eric Matthews and Detective Mark Hoffman were imprisoned. He had to ensure that Eric would stay on a large ice block in order to keep his and Detective Hoffman's trap from activating. He also gave his weapon to Eric and told him he had to keep Officer Rigg from entering the room before the timer ran out. If Rigg wouldn't enter the room before the end of his game they all would be set free from their traps.


Art monitors Matthews for Rigg's test.

However, Rigg rushed into the room game before the 90 minutes were up, causing two large blocks to swing down and crush Eric's head, killing him instantly. This also caused the water to channel to Hoffman, apparently electrocuting him. As Rigg entered the room, he shot Art in the side, shortly after he was shot in the stomach by Matthews as an attempt to prevent him from entering the room.

As Art and Rigg lied on the ground in pain, Rigg blamed him for the death of Matthews and Hoffman.


Rigg ends Art's life with a well placed shot in the head.

Art yelled that John was testing him before he attempted to pull a tape player out of his bag to prove it. Rigg, confusing the recorder for a weapon, shot Art in the head and killed him but not before Art could play the message on the recorder, revealing to Rigg that he had failed his test, resulting in the death of Matthews. Hoffman then stood up, revealing himself to be Jigsaw's second accomplice, and left Rigg to bleed to death.

Saw VEdit

Art appears in archive footage.


  • Art and Zep Hindle are very similar characters. In both cases, they served as the main antagonists of their respective films and the evidence strongly pointed to them as the real Jigsaw. However, at the end of the films, it is revealed that they are both merely victims being forced to carry out Jigsaw's will, and the true Jigsaw killer stands up to reveal themselves. 
  • Art Blank is one of the only characters to be placed in two separate traps and tested on two separate occasions in the same film. 


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