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Angelina Acomb
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw V, 3D
Status Deceased
Died In Before Saw (chronologically);

Saw V (flashback)

Cause of Death Throat sliced by Seth Baxter
Profession Unknown
Role Victim of an relation fight
Relationships Mark Hoffman (brother, deceased), Seth Baxter (ex-boyfriend and killer, deceased)
Portrayed by Sarah Power

"You didn't see what he fucking did to her!"

Hoffman about his sister

Angelina Acomb (A.K.A. Angelina Hoffman) was Mark Hoffman's sister. She was murdered by Seth Baxter.



Angelina hugs her brother after he first becomes a police officer.


Hoffman looking at his picture of Angelina

Angelina was murdered by her boyfriend, Seth Baxter, in cold blood 5-6 years before the events of Saw. Her murder would later cause her brother, Mark Hoffman, to seek revenge, causing a chain of events which would lead to Angelina's brother becoming Jigsaw's apprentice and successor.


Hoffman grieves over his sister's corpse

Hoffman keeps a picture of his sister on his shelf in his office at the police department. After he gets promoted, he can be seen looking at the picture.

As seen in a newspaper article observed by Peter Strahm in Saw V, it is believed that Seth Baxter murdered her during a domestic dispute regarding her attending a going-away party for her co-worker, without inviting him. Her body was discovered by one of her coworkers after she became suspicious after her not attending the party despite her talking about it all week.

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