I went to bed in my shithole apartment and I woke up in an actual shithole.
— Adam talks about his abduction[src]

Adam Stanheight's Apartment is a fictional location from the Saw franchise as well as a minor location in the first Saw film.


The Apartment

The freelance photographer Adam Stanheight owned an apartment where he lived alone. Besides the big kitchen, the living room and his bedroom, the apartment also housed a dark room used by Adam to develop his photos that he took from his work. (Saw)

Observing Dr. Gordon

One night, Adam was hired by David Tapp, a discharged homicide detective, to observe the renowned oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon, whom Tapp suspected to be the infamous serial killer known as Jigsaw. Tapp and Adam met in the latter's apartment to negotiate the payment. Eventually Adam agreed to do the job in exchange for 200$ per night. Unfortunately this work got him targeted by John Kramer, the real Jigsaw Killer. (Saw)

Adam's Abduction

Saw 203Pyxurz

Adam in his dark room

After observing Gordon for several days, Adam returned to his apartment and went to his dark room where he developed the photos taken from the doctor. However he soon fell asleep. While he was sleeping in his dark room, the apartment was invaded by Amanda Young, Jigsaw's apprentice, who removed the fuse for his apartment as well as the batteries from his flash lamp. Then she placed one of Jigsaw's mechanical ventriloquist puppets in the living room and went into hiding in Adam's closet.


Adam searches his apartment moments before being abducted

Moments later Adam woke up to find his entire apartment without light. He realized someone else was in his apartment and used his camera flash to locate the invader. Upon entering his living room he found a the puppet sitting on his couch and maniacally laughing at him. Adam used a baseball bat to destroy the puppet when he realized that the invader was hiding in his closet. However when he eventually searched the closet he was attacked by Amanda and after a brief struggle Adam ultimately passed out. Distressed and in tears Amanda left the apartment and took Adam to a grimy industrial bathroom, where everything else had been prepared by Jigsaw for a complicated test. (Saw, III)

In other Media

Full Disclosure Report

Following Adam's disappearance, Detective Ron Willis and his colleagues searched his apartment where they found an e-mail from Tapp, who hired Adam for the observation of Gordon. Besides this, they also discovered his photos of Gordon as well as the ventriloquist puppet in his living room. Willis was later interviewed for the documentary Full Disclosure Report, which focused on Jigsaw's early crimes, and revealed these details to the audience.


  • In a deleted scene of Saw III Adam ran into Amanda on the way from his apartment, asking to take a picture of her.