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This article is about the Saw VI character. You may be looking for the Full Disclosure Report character of the same name.
Saw 6 carousel victims - Kopie (3)
Biographical Information
Appearances Saw VI
Status Deceased
Died In Saw VI
Cause of Death Shot to the chest by a shotgun
Profession Member of the service department of Umbrella Health
Role Test subject
Reason Tested Finding errors in policies so the seriously ill won't get insurance
Relationships William Easton (boss, deceased);

Emily (colleague); Gena (colleague, deceased); Dave (colleague, deceased); Shelby (colleague); Josh (colleague, deceased)

Portrayed by James Gilbert

Mr. Easton, follow the policy!

Aaron desperately trying to convince William to save him

Aaron was a junior associate of William Easton who appeared in Saw VI.

Saw VI

Aaron was one of six members of the customer service of William Easton's department at the Umbrella Health insurance company along with Emily, Gena, Dave, Shelby and Josh. He and his colleagues were responsible for checking each patient's request for insurance for any errors that could justify the companie's refusal of bearing the treatment costs, which is why he and his colleagues were ultimately targeted by the Jigsaw Killer.

All six of them were abducted and taken to the Rowan Zoological Institute by Mark Hoffman as part of the fourth and final test of William's game. They woke up chained onto a spinning carousel which would stop periodically at a rigged shotgun which would kill the victim before it if William didn't decide to save the respective person. When William arrived at the room of the game a television turned on and Billy the Puppet gave him his instructions, informing him that only two of his associates could survive the game. When the game began the captives immediately panicked and started to dispute with each other for their lives. Aaron was the first one to sit in front of the shotgun. He desperately tried to convince William to follow his business policy according to which Aaron was worth living as he was a young and healthy man. However William couldn't bring himself to press the buttons in the box before him which could save Aaron's life, leading to him being the first one to be killed by the shotgun.

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